Skilled Migration

Permanent Skilled Visa Subclass 189

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To apply for this visa, you will need to:

  • Be between 18 and 45 years when you make the application
  • Have a qualification under the Occupation List
  • Have your skills and qualification(s) assessed by the relevant Australian authorities
  • Have 65 points based on the Australian immigration point-based system
  • Have an English level equivalent to score 6 on the IELTS or any other English test required for migration to Australia.


This is a permanent visa that lets you live and work in Australia indefinitely. After four years you can apply for citizenship. Under normal conditions, you will receive your citizenship certificate nearly a year after you lodge your citizenship application.


  • Processing time: Department of Home Affairs normally updates the average processing time of visa applications. Please click here to have a quick look.


There are a few different services that you may need to pay for before making the application;

  • Translations: If your documents are not in English, they all need to be translated. The best way to get an idea about the fees would be contacting accredited translators to get a quote. It is not a bad idea to search for a NAATI accredited translator first.
  • Assessment: All your qualifications need to be assessed. If you don’t know who the assessing authority for your qualification or occupation is, you can always refer to the Occupation List published by the Department of Home Affairs. The assessing authority is listed on the far right column of the list. A quick search on the website of the relevant assessing organization gives you a rough estimate of how much you need to spend on the assessment of your qualifications.
  • Government charges: How much you need to pay as your visa application charge depends on the number of applicants. For instance a single person would pay $3670 but a family of four including two children under the age of 18 may pay AUD 7,345.00 (Valid in May 2018)

$3,670 (for the main applicant) + $1835 (for the spouse) + $920(for child A) + $920 (for child B)

You can also click here for a quick estimation of the visa application charge.

  • Migration Agent fees: There is no set fee for migration agents. They might charge you hourly or a lump sum. It also depends on the number of applicants and whether they need to have their skills assessed or not. The best way is to contact migration agents individually and ask for a detailed information.