Partner Visa

There are two options for bringing your partner to Australia. Prospective Marriage Visa option which is opened to those not yet married and Partner Visa which is opened to those who are either married or in a de facto relationship with an Australian permanent resident, Australian citizen or an eligible New Zealand citizen .For prospective marriage visa, you need to have met your prospective spouse in person with an intention to marry him or her within few months of your arrival in Australia. For partner visa options, you need to prove that you have been in a married or de facto relationship with your partner. In the case of de facto relationship, it needs to have been at least for 12 months. It is important to note that online dating does not meet the requirement.

For all these options, you are expected to prove that the four pillars of your relationship are strong. The Four pillars refer to the following:

  1. Financial aspect of the relationship
  2. Nature of the household
  3. Social aspect of the relationship
  4. The nature of commitment to each other

Your lawyer or migration agent will be able to provide exact details for each of the above four components.


  • Government fees and charges: Please refer to the Department of Home Affairs website to calculate your application charges as they change every year.
  • Alternatively, you can go to “Useful Links” and then “Fees and Charges” on our website to get an idea of the government charges for your visa application.
  • Professional fees: There is no set fee for lawyers or migration agents. They may charge you hourly or a lump sum. It also depends on the number of applicants and whether they need to have their skills assessed or not. The best way is to contact lawyers or migration agents individually and ask for a detailed information.
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