Visitor Visa

Visitor Visa

In order to obtain this visa, the most important factor is your ability to convince the case officer that you are a genuine visitor. If you have strong ties in your home country, it is likely that you can get a visitor visa.


What may help you get a visitor visa?

  • Previous travel history to Schengen area, North America or Australia
  • Full time employment with reasonable income in your home country
  • Dependent family members who will remain in your country while you are travelling to Australia
  • Assets such as property and reasonable savings in your bank account
  • Letter of invitation and support from family members who are Australian citizens or permanent residents


What may work against your visitor visa application?

  • If your country is considered high risk in terms of the number people who do not return to their home country after their entry to Australia
  • Poor economic circumstances or political upheaval in your country
  • If a member of your family previously entered Australia and did not return home before or on the due date


Passport holders of certain countries do not need to apply for subclass 600. They can instead apply for subclasses 601 or 651.



The visa application charge for all the applicants is AUD 140 except for Frequent Traveller Stream applicants who need to pay AUD 1,020.

Visa application charges are always subject to change. So it is always a good idea to use the visa pricing estimator facility on the Department of Home Affairs website. Please click here to check the most up to date fees.